The Fastest Growing Outdoor Sport
We have equipment or bring your owe.
Florida Bowfishing Charter

Come take part in one of the fastest growing sports in the hunting industry, bow fishing. Don’t worry if you have never shot a bow before, with a quick training session anyone can sticking fish. Take a ride on the custom air-boat surrounded by LED lights that light up the night and enjoy true Florida wildlife. We target tilapia, an invasive fish not native to our freshwater lakes. Expect to literally take hundreds of shots on an average night. Besides tilapia, other species of fish are the needle nose gar, bowfin, catfish, and freshwater mullet.

Seminole Prairie Safaris  bow fishing charters are in central Florida, done on Lake Okeechobee. Seminole Prairie Safaris bow fish  off a customized pontoon boat. This pontoon boat has a raised deck for shooting. Not only is the deck raised to give you better sight but we have surrounded the pontoon boat with high pressure sodium lights.  For even a better look we have a tower on the pontoon boat to enable you to get a better view and shot. What can expect to shoot?  We mainly shoot  tilipia and gar with opportunities at other kinds of fish.

Central Florida bowfishing charters are available year round, best months are February through August, on full moons.
Central Florida Bowfishing Rates are $400 for 4 hours of fishing and up to 3 people.
Additional person and hours can be added for $50 each.

Florida fresh water fishing license is required ( 

Florida residents $17 a year and non-residents $17 for 3 days. Florida Fish and Wildlife phone: 850) 488-4676

Central Florida Bowfishing Charter by Airboat

Experience the power of one of these water machines. Don't worry we just won't take you out for a ride we will also put you on some fish to complete your Florida bowfishing adventure. Bowfishing charter off an airboat will allow you bowfish the marshes, also covering more water faster. There is a gas-charge of $100.00.

Whats included?
Equipment bow and arrows, and all supplies needed to shoot fish -Ice and cooler for fish on boat. Fisherman need to bring your own cooler if you want to take home fish. Some of the fish you will be shooting are tilapia, these fish are great fish to eat.

We do provide drinks and snacks for you.

If you would like lodging for your bowfishing charter we offer are a 5 star lodge. Please look over our lodging page we would be glad to get to know you better.
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